[vc_row][vc_column][dfd_heading subtitle=”” content_alignment=”text-left” delimiter_settings=”delimiter_style:solid|delimiter_width:80|delimiter_height:1″ undefined=”” title_font_options=”tag:h4|color:%2396c93d” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div”]Hydrated Lime[/dfd_heading][vc_column_text]High calcium hydrated lime Ca(OH)2 is a dry powder produced by combining quicklime with a sufficient amount of water to satisfy the quicklime’s natural affinity for moisture. The process converts CaO to Ca(OH)2. The amount of water required depends on both the particular characteristics of the quicklime and the type of hydrating equipment available. Hydrated lime easily forms as a suspension or slurry and is often pumped to multiple process locations within industrial plants. The resulting solution is strongly alkaline, having a pH of 12.4. Most hydrated limes contain approximately 75% CaO and 25% H2O.

Hydrated lime is used in a variety of industrial applications including water treatment, as an anti-stripping agent in asphalt, and in soil stabilization.[/vc_column_text][dfd_single_image enable_retina=”” image=”24093″ tutorials=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]