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The Leading Hydrated Lime Supplier in East Africa


At Qualitas Company Ltd, we take immense pride in being the foremost hydrated lime supplier in East Africa. With our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as the go-to source for high-quality hydrated lime products in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, and DRC Congo.

What Is Hydrated Lime?

Hydrated lime, also known as calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2), is a versatile chemical compound widely used in various industries. It is produced by adding water to quicklime (calcium oxide), resulting in a chemical reaction that forms a fine white powder. Hydrated lime has a myriad of applications, making it an indispensable material in numerous sectors.

Our Superior Hydrated Lime Products

1. Purity and Quality

  • Our hydrated lime products are characterized by their exceptional purity and quality. We adhere to strict manufacturing standards, ensuring that our customers receive only the finest-grade hydrated lime.

2. Diverse Applications

  • Our hydrated lime finds applications in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, construction, water treatment, and more. Its versatility makes it an essential component in many processes.

3. Environmental Friendliness

  • We are committed to sustainable practices. Our hydrated lime is produced with minimal environmental impact, making it an eco-friendly choice for our customers.

Applications of Hydrated Lime


Hydrated lime is a crucial tool in agriculture, primarily for soil stabilization and pH adjustment. It enhances soil quality, promoting healthier plant growth and increasing crop yields. Farmers across East Africa trust our high-quality hydrated lime to improve their agricultural practices.


In the construction industry, hydrated lime is used in mortar and plaster, providing increased durability and workability to building materials. Our superior hydrated lime ensures that construction projects are not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing.

Water Treatment

The purity of our hydrated lime makes it an ideal choice for water treatment applications. It is used to control pH levels in drinking water and wastewater treatment plants, ensuring the safety and quality of water for communities across East Africa.

Industrial Processes

Many industrial processes rely on hydrated lime, including the production of chemicals, pulp and paper, and metallurgy. Our top-grade hydrated lime plays a vital role in these processes, contributing to their efficiency and reliability.

Why Choose Us?

1. Unparalleled Quality Assurance

  • Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Each batch of hydrated lime undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards.

2. Timely Delivery

  • We understand the importance of timely delivery in your operations. Our efficient logistics network guarantees on-time delivery of your orders.

3. Technical Support

  • Our team of experts is always ready to provide technical support and guidance to help you make the most of our hydrated lime products.

4. Competitive Pricing

  • We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making our products the best value for your investment.


When it comes to sourcing high-quality hydrated lime in East Africa, Qualitas Company Limited is the trusted partner you need. Our commitment to excellence, superior products, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the leading hydrated lime supplier in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, and DRC Congo.

Choose Qualitas for all your hydrated lime needs and experience the difference that quality and reliability can make in your operations. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and place your order for the finest hydrated lime in East Africa.

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