[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][dfd_animate_heading title=”SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS” subtitle=”” top_bottom_offset=”” left_right_offset=”” title_border_radius=”0″ title_font_options=”tag:h4″][vc_column_text]Storage water heaters are available in capacities of 150L, 200L and 300L and they are coupled with flat plate solar collectors manufactured in Europe and designed to work in the harsh African conditions. This system is of the closed circuit or indirect heating type; this ensures that the usually corrosive domestic water does not mix with the working fluid which circulates in the coils and solar collectors. This type of setup increases the durability of the product along with it’s other features such as;

  • Flat plate solar collectors
  • Insulated storage tank
  • Insulated, stainless steel connection pipes between tank and collectors
  • All necessary brass fittings
  • Temperature and pressure safety relief valves
  • Expansion tank for glycol
  • Glycol fluid
  • Check valves
  • Standard galvanised steel mounting frame with all bolts and nuts
  • 3KW electric coil with in-built adjustable thermostat
  • Cathodic protection rod
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